Crafting intuitive digital experiences and leading teams from afar. Multi-disciplinary, team-oriented Design Lead.


Creative Director of Experience Design @Wongdoody Asia, headquartered in Taipei.
Leading creative strategy, overseeing all projects to ensure innovation and user-centric excellence, while managing both remote and on-site design teams for a seamless collaboration.


Excited for an incoming challenge!


  • User experience design

  • Information architecture

  • Product design

  • Interface design

  • Service design

  • Project management and strategy

  • Leadership

  • Remote


I actually believe User Experience is more of a transversal field, being the responsability of everyone, and a team effort: from project management to developers.

One of my specialties. I find great satisfaction in tackling intricate sitemap challenges, meticulously studying categorization, and refining labels to create efficient filtering systems.

My findings on the necessity of iterative work and user-centric methodology naturally led me to product design.

I specialize in crafting intuitive user interfaces that offer immediate understanding and effortless usability.

Because the answer is not always on screen, I have a holistic approach when it comes to experience, leading to offline and online quality of service.

Coming from a Project manager background, Traffic Manager, with a Master in Digital Strategy, I scope efficiently and keep track of time spent to stay within budget.

I created my own company, a product studio, that already shipped 4 applications. I also created and shipped two series of podcasts, assembling the team and producing the content.

I genuinely like to work with people towards a shared goal.

Working fully remotely since 5 years, I know how to lead projects from afar and enhance your asynchronous communication.


I’m a Taiwan based French designer who speaks fairly decent Mandarin. I’m a low-key nerd that obsesses over many things like linguistics, Greek mythology, Monster Hunter, roller coasters, weird ice-cream flavors and on and on. I enjoy building apps, writing poetry and engaging in contemporary art projects.


Also, I love coffee… a little too much. (read more)

I have a conversational level, slowly leaning towards business. I started to learn as soon as I arrived to Taiwan~

Artemis being my fav

MHW screenshot

(I play Switch Axe and Bow)

There’s actually a full page with more info