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  • Founder
  • Lead Designer
  • Product Designer
  • iOS app

Role: Founding Designer
Shipped in 2023

Key points

  • Design Objective: Create an Apple Watch application for intermittent fasting.
  • Constraints: Adhere to Apple Watch design guidelines.
  • Team: A collaborative effort involving a team of two.
  • Approach: Launch an open-beta version of the app.

The “Why” Behind Fasty

When embarking on the journey to create Fasty, the motivation was crystal clear. Existing intermittent fasting timers in the market demanded subscriptions and insisted on calorie tracking, primarily aimed at weight loss. However, this didn’t align with our vision.

We firmly believe that simplicity should be at the core of an intermittent fasting timer. It should be instantly accessible at an affordable price, without the need for a subscription, and it should stay clear of associating with any particular diet plan.

This is how Fasty started.

The 24-Hour vs. 12-Hour Display Challenge

In the context of glancing at our wristwatch, we’re accustomed to seeing time displayed on a 12-hour scale. However, intermittent fasting presents us with two distinct time windows: an 8-hour eating window and a 16-hour fasting window.

The question that arose was, “How can we make these timeframes clear within a 12-hour display?”

Adjust Your Schedule on the Go

Intermittent fasting may have strict windows, but life doesn’t always conform to a rigid schedule. We understand that plans change, and you should have the flexibility to adapt. That’s why Fasty offers easy adjustment options:

  • On-the-Fly Flexibility: Life is unpredictable, and sometimes you meet friends later than planned. With Fasty, you have the power to make quick adjustments. Simply swipe down, and you can effortlessly reset your eating or fasting window.
  • Log Meal Times: If you’ve started eating earlier than your usual fasting period, Fasty lets you log those times with ease. It’s all about making intermittent fasting fit seamlessly into your life.

Well-Timed Reminders

In an age of constant notifications, I believe in keeping them purposeful. However, while using the early versions of the app, I encountered a crucial need – a reminder for the impending end of my eating window.

Picture this: a hectic workday where I’m completely absorbed in my tasks, often resulting in me unintentionally missing dinner until long after my designated eating window had elapsed.

To address this, I introduced a simple yet effective solution. Fasty now sends a friendly reminder one hour before your eating window closes. It’s the perfect nudge to prepare dinner or grab a meal, ensuring I stay on track without being overwhelmed by notifications.

The first version of Fasty was launched earlier this year. Join our open beta on TestFlight and provide us with your valuable feedback. ✍️