Ergonomic Audit

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Suitable for both video games and products.


After a thorough evaluation of your product or service, I will provide you with a comprehensive PDF report of recommendations. It will include ergonomic improvements as well as features opportunities. This document can serve as the foundation for your consideration of future iterations.



  • Recommendation Deck 
    Following my analysis, you will receive a PDF document that highlights key areas for improvement from both a user and business perspective.
  • Optional: Prototype 
    I can also create wireframe prototypes for suggested features, facilitating collaboration with your tech team to scope out the implementation of these enhancements.

Perfect to improve a prototype or a flow.

When working with agencies, my specialty is to help teams win new projects in competitions. Here are a few projects I assisted agencies in winning with UX input:

Balenciaga – IKEA – La Philharmonie de Paris – Raffles Hotels – Saint Maclou – Warner Bros

I did this for

  • Gladiabots
  • Balenciaga
  • La Philharmonie de Paris
  • Formula 1
  • IKEA
  • Raffles Hotels
  • Saint Maclou
  • Dior
  • Zappos Kids

Video Games Interface Design

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Perfect if you’re looking to create from scratch a game, or improve your game’s user interface after playtests.
Here is what I can offer:

  • Game flow prototype
  • Identify and design key screens of your game
  • User Interface Design
  • Can assemble and coordinate others design talents (such as Motion design, illustration, branding, etc)




  • Creating a Game prototype
    features will be scoped accordingly on budget and planning, designing the main flow and screens of the game.
  • Creating a visually appealing gaming User Interface experience matching the Art Direction of the game
  • Design Lead: Join your team
    and manage the UI aspects of the game development

Lead UI on Flat Eye
It began with a Tech Tree mission and extended into a production phase that spanned over two years, during which I became a part of the project’s core team.

  • We won a famous French Video Game Award, Pegasus.
  • Here’s the recommendation of my boss (<3) at the time :
    “Working with nyoww was a blast! They are smart, professional, caring, and always bring creative solutions to even impossible problems. On Flat Eye (video game), nyoww designed a whole computer interface from a dystopian world, among many other topics and tasks. The result was a slick yet credible interface praised by players and the press. Not only full of skills, nyoww is also a gem of a human being. It was a genuine pleasure to work with them.”
  • Some Press Reviews
    • « No matter how many mean things I say about “Flat Eye” over the course of this review, I want readers to know right off the bat that I think its decision to make the UI diegetic is kinda genius. » Flat Eye Review –
    • « The visuals nail the corporate satire, down to the style of the desktop you manage things from, complete with corporate art styles for mascots and AI art-esque avatars. » Review: Flat Eye – Hardcore Gamer


I did this for

  • Flat Eye
  • NDA – Crosswords game
  • Gladiabots

Create your MVP

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Suitable for early-stage startups or companies interested in rapidly testing a new product concept.


My primary objective is to assist you in creating the initial version of your product, which you can then present to investors or first users. We achieve this by co-creating the product together, working closely to design a user-centered experience that aligns with your business objectives.



  • Interaction Flow
    I will create a comprehensive interaction map of your product, taking both the user and technical perspective into account. This document will enable you to clearly communicate the technical scope of the project to your tech team. Additionally, I will outline the front-end scope to ensure that all aspects of the project are covered.
  • Prototype
    I will develop wireframes for the feature or product and provide you with a prototype of your service. This way, you’ll have a clear starting point and be able to assess the direction you want to take. My focus will be on developing the interaction and information architecture aspects of your product, rather than the branding or visual design. This prototype will allow you to test and validate your product with potential users or investors, ensuring that you’re on the right track.
  • Optional: Experience Map
    I will collaborate with you to gather insights about your customers’ needs, motivations, and pain points. Based on this information, I will create a comprehensive experience map that not only identifies the various stages of the customer journey but also highlights the key moments of truth that can significantly impact the customer experience.


If you’re ready to kickstart a new project and would like to explore how I can assist you further, welcome to get in touch !

I helped those start-ups in their early stage, providing technical specifications on their products:

  • comet—consulting that helped them identifies opportunities for their service.
    They raised 2 millions in Round Seed, and 11 millions in series A
  • inato— Early stage functional specifications, clarifying product interactions.
    They raised 2 millions in Round Seed, and 14 millions in series A
  • pops— 10 days of design thinking workshop, helping them with their pivot.
    They raised 2 millions in Round Seed
  •— early stage strategy and product design to launch their MVP
    They raised 2 millions in Round Seed

I did this for

  • Comet
  • Inato
  • Pops
  • Barnes Foundation
  • Wechooz
  • BPI Hub Digital

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