• Design Lead
  • Maker and entrepreneur
  • Remote + asynchronous since 2018
  • Specialised in product interaction design, information architecture, and UX strategy
  • I work with prototypes, and conduct iteratives cycles
  • 4 apps on the AppStore
  • 1 game on Steam
  • 13 projects awarded
  • Ethics, work-life balance and inclusivity

I am an Interaction Design Specialist with a strong focus on hands-on creation. I thrive when prototyping ideas, and testing through iterative design. My background as a digital strategist and project manager, coupled with extensive experience in launching apps and video games from scratch, equips me well for early-stage projects.

Over the past five years, I have embraced remote and asynchronous work. My effective communication skills, organization, and work habits not only support this approach but also add value to my clients. This means fewer, more efficient meetings that prioritize outcomes over hours logged.

I firmly believe that product design can address societal gaps, and thus, I carefully select clients and projects aligned with my values. My goal is to contribute to what truly matters.

Profile in short


  • 2024 Creative Director, Experience Design @WongDoody Asia
  • 2023 Senior Product Designer @Contexte
  • 2021 Founder @Framedata
  • 2020 Lead UI @Monkey Moon
  • 2018 Lead UX @iCrossing (for L’Oréal Paris)
  • 2016 Lead Information Architect @Blank
  • 2012 Project Manager & UX Designer @FCINQ
Previous roles

Random achievements

MV shot in Taipei, directed by Gina and produced by  Bionic Studio, for the label Fortune Coookie Records. (full credits on youtube page)

I started painting again few years ago, and an online gallery sold a few pieces of my Serenity Stones collection. Please take a look~

Flat Eye, the game I’ve been working on received a French video game award called Pegases “Au delà du jeu vidéo” probably because of the themes we were talking about in the video game and the bibliography website we made to list our references and inspirations from the real world.

Speaking of my relation with gender and modelling and how it impacted my work as a contemporary artist

Taiwan based product studio, currently developing apps and experiences around augmented reality and mobile technology.

You can read me monthly in your mailbox sharing thoughts on linguistics, creativity, the challenges of living abroad and exploring other ways of living.

Jetlag is a podcast published under Qualiter. It’s about french people living in another country. The main challenge was to manage the recording with different time-zones. I did concept creation, team scouting, editorial creation and animation of each episodes.

Created an iOS application with my partner while we were living in Bangkok. The city guides were not fitting our needs so we decided to create our own version.

I did a long-term performance art project during a year, starting in 2015, and had the chance to exhibit this work, photographed by Margaux Gayet, in Highways Space Gallery, Los Angeles for 7 weeks.

Side-project, for tea connoisseurs.
This apps helps you remember the right brewing time and temperature and includes a timer to make it easier for you. “Aisatsu” means “Greeting” in Japanese language.

MV shot in Iceland, directed by Masaki Shimeno and shot by Kaname Onoyama, produced by FURY Production (full credits on youtube page)

I was represented in Paris, Los Angeles, Thailand, and Taiwan.
editorial projects, lookbooks, campaigns, showrooms & runways.

I co-organised this projection in France, because at the time it was the only way to watch it. The topic of this documentary was the roots of toxic masculinity in the US. We used this opportunity to animate a discussion session afterwards with sociology & psychology experts. Thanks to Baptiste Fluzin & Spintank, this was made possible.
The documentary is now accessible on Netflix.

Lag à Part is a video games podcast, published by Radiokawa. Ideally less than 1 hour, talking about cultural, sociological, economical aspects of video games. 4 columnist, 4 topics by emission and one changing speaker each half-season. I created the concept, federated a team, scheduled and organised the project monthly.

A friend started this feminine/non binary whiskey tasting club, and we gathered every month to share our thoughts on new whiskeys.

I was actively involved in the Street Fighter scene from 2011 to 2015. Even went to Vegas for the EVO.

Testing apps and mobile games, then was filmed explaining what was good and bad about it for a Youtube channel.

I was involved in several video games blogs, attending press events, conducting interviews and writing tests.

Animation and helping the staff to set up video games events.

even decided to go to boarding school for that. Quite a change at 13 years old.

… at 9 and 10 years old, and yes, I’m kinda proud of this.