Walk in Bangkok

Create an iOs app with a 2 people team, from strategy to push the app live.

The need : Discover a city "differently" 
This side-project began with a simple need, ours actually, while travelling in foreign countries.
The touristic guides & websites didn't fit our needs, because we tend to avoid very touristic areas, and just like to hangout in the city
to embrace the local "way of living"

We spent nine months in Bangkok and we had the chance to discover a little bit of this city lifestyle, found places that are mentioned nowhere, and we saw many friends overwhelmed by the size of the city, even some focused on historical area never had the chance to see how modern Bangkok can be.

That's why we decided to work on that. 
First researches & Ideation 
We had many many ideas during the first weeks or so, and it was hard to stick on something, to be sure that we are actually answering the need we identified. 
• Should we start by a map ?
• Should we design full journeys? By duration? By location? 
• Maybe start somewhere precisely first?

We tried many things, prototyping at early stages, changing stuff, and we were -finally- happy with the following : Understand where you are currently and suggesting you places around you, so you can discover walking. 

Because while you're going from touristic point A, to touristic point B, etc... in cab or public transportation, you can miss a lot on the way, and we think it's where the fun part can be. 
User Interface 
Here is the final User Interface, with main screens after many refinements. 
1. Welcome page, with a call to action to get your location.
2. List of areas we have, closest first.
3. Detail of an Area, with main places, and activity tags (if you're hungry, or want something for the evening, etc)
4. Detail page of a place, with sometimes trivia, and Call to Action to "get there". 
Distance use-cases & "UX writing" 
Because our main goal is to give you advice regarding where you are now, we had to acknowledge the different cases around geolocation.

• What if users didn't allowed it?
• What if users aren't in Bangkok? 
• What if they are in the middle of several areas?
• How to we separate areas by the way? 

We worked on all the cases we had in mind, (including our french friends checking the app that are pretty far!)
and worked on messages to match each scenario. 
That was the moment I discovered there is many possibilities to announce one message. I did twenty variations of each to find the right words to use. 
The content difficulty 
This was the most valuable lesson of the project.
We focused a lot on the need, and we forgot something essential: The content.
We have approximately 100/120 places in the app, and we did all the content alone. 
With spreadsheets. It was, painful, annoying, extremely long, all of this because it's not what we like to do, it's not our job, and it's really hard to write right relevant content, nice catching sentences and find pictures.

The project got delayed a lot because of this, we felt unmotivated at some point because writing the content 
was the only thing left undone. (we managed to find a way, like always!)

My advice if you're working on something with places in one of your side-project would be to stick with an external API. (or prepare yourself if you plan on writing everything because it's not trivial at all).
At least, lesson learned for us!
Homemade illustrations
Because of my UX work life, I don't have much opportunities to dive back into drawing, I decided to start something for this project. I did sketches to represent each main neighborhood. It took some time (less than writing the content lol), and it turned out, I'm really happy I've done this. 
Hope you enjoy the outcome as much as I am. 
 We started small and prototyped early, and shifted, and prototyped again, and so on.
It was also a good lesson regarding the content strategy and the time it can take!

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