Sonia Rykiel

mixing editorial content & e-commerce features

Editorialized homepage...
One of the main challenges of this project was to find a balance between brand content & straightforward online shopping. Luckily, the historic fashion house have a lot of storytelling around iconic products. 
Here is some initial reflexion around the homepage, on how to present the new collection, and showcasing some products or "tendances", and still be efficient as an e-commerce website.
First draft of homepage, content strategy.
Oriented around fashion shows, products, trends & stories
We can see the homepage is a mix of editorial content and products,
showcasing a strong brand universe.
... but still e-commerce friendly
Enter with storytelling, but in the end, the product pages are key. 
Here is an "editorialized product page". We wanted to get rid of the traditional carousel, and the most important thing: display products in situation. 
Ideally, bags close to hands, so we can see the real size. Clothes from different angles on a real person. Because the product alone isn't enough to really see it.

On top of that, some storytelling can be added for special products: a focus on fabrics, or some "savoir-faire", to explain the specificities of those luxury products.
(this is a principle animation on actual website screen)
A focus on navigation
For a high-fashion brand, the goals are multiples.
First, the website must feature fashion shows & campaigns. Second, users must be able to buy online. Third, brand content is welcome (for SEO purposes). So it needs some flexibility, in order to display the "Sales", or new Collection, but also structure. We want consistency, for brand image but also user comfort.

We wanted users to quickly look at the new collection, with Runway, and "New In" entries.
After this, all the main categories to shop online and Sales is ending the top navigation level.

On hover, there is an expand menu, you can see below the 1st draft of possibles categories we were thinking of... and what it looks like on graphic design.

First draft of categorization for the expand menus.

Actual design of the website, expanded menu
Better view of runway looks
An important side of Sonia Rykiel is, of course, fashion shows.
That's why it has to be simple, fast to update for the brand, and also mobile friendly.
Here is runway lookbook example on mobile.
We suggested some innovation, see prototype below, to easily find the products used for the look.
One look is often several pieces chosen by a stylist, and having shortcuts to all products was something we presented to the client. 

One idea for the runway looks was to display the products that create the look:
clothes, accessories, bags.. and link to their product page.

An elegant design that allows the brand to present the collection,
from fashion shows to your cart. 

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