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  • UX Consulting
  • Service Design
  • Usability Audit

Role: Service Designer, UX Consultant
Client: Comet


  • Help them sympathize with their users’ needs
  • Identify current pain points
  • Highlight business opportunities
  • Provide recommendations to improve product roadmap

After launching their MVP, Comet needed recommendation to guide them toward their V1. I focused on user-research, personae, user-journeys, delivering an experience map to highlight business opportunities.

Understand your users

The first step was to find archetypes through developers who want to become freelancers. The client had a very specific idea of what they wanted their target to be, but not necessarily aware of what the market looks like. So, crawling data and studies, quantitative surveys, we found 3 big archetypes: The beginner who wants more autonomy, the start-up enthusiast, and the former lead/senior dev who wants new challenges.

Experience Map

Sometimes, we tend to focus so much on product experience that we forget there is a “before the product” and also an after.
It’s a great reminder to analyse the whole user-journey, even the steps not initially planned in the product, just in case we miss something!
The steps initially targeted by the start-up were in the grey background, between searching a mission and answering a job offer.
Understanding the motivations of becoming a freelancer, and what’s happening inside and after the mission were great hints to understand user’s fears & desires.

The idea of this mind mapping is to have an overall vision of freelancer’s life.
– Blue circles were tasks handled by Comet at the time
– orange ones were opportunities

It was a effective way to represent area’s of improvements.

1 year after receiving those recommendations, Comet launched meet-ups & events. With a better understanding of their user’s needs, they provide what freelancers need the most: job guidance, estimation of their value, and an active community.