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  • user research
  • user experience
  • service design

Project in short

  • Acknowledging users archetypes
  • Empathy maps
  • Writing and conducting interviews
  • Recommendations deck
  • 7 days of work

Campuséa provides high quality residences for students in France.
They asked for a preliminary ux audit and study before working on a new website. I was asked to find out how to simplify user journeys for their clients (students and partners), but also their employees.

First, what do they need?

Before diving into exploring design solutions, we need to understand user’s needs.
The User Research phase needed to include all people involved in their process, which means :

  • resident managers,
  • salesforce,
  • partners
  • and students. 

From assumptions to verification

Seven (7) interviews were planned.
To prepare the interviews conductor, we worked on empathy maps.
The goals was to envision the hurdles each one of our archetypes could have everyday.
Interviews would help us deny or affirm our hypothesis.

empathy map

It can be challenging to interview frustrated users.
They think of you as “part of a brand” that makes it harder for them.
But letting them speak freely leads to powerful and useful insights.

Highlight service opportunities

After doing all those interviews and making a synthetic recap for personae,
you have a pretty clear vision of the challenges the brand is facing.

I did some recommendations slides based on what I heard during the interviews: 

  • recurrent complaints, 
  • technical issues
  • and most important part, users’ wishes.

The best way to really understand your service’s pain points and weaknesses is to ask people about their daily life and their frustrations, without assuming anything.