Creating your own iOs app

It's all about iterations
Poorly designed wireframes, but the most important part: is it working? Do we have all the screens we need? This is how we started, with wireframes for screens. 
Then we improved it. And again, and again... and honestly, when we have some free time, we're still working on it. 

This is how I envision product design: you start super small, you ship it fast and gather users feedback, 
and make it more beautiful, more useful, step by step. 
First wireframes vs current screens
Make it funnier
An important part of an app, to me, is that it should match your feelings when you're using it.
In that case: when I want to make some tea, it's mostly because I want to have some relax time. Or like, taking some time. Keywords could be: comfort, soothing, warm.

So illustrations might be a good idea for this moment! Having some funny smiling characters, sort of a magical universe made sense. 
We asked the services of an illustrator friend so he could bring his vision and super cute design for our app. 
Illustrations done by Ben Renaut (thx!! o/)
The most important feedback
When we launched the app to our beta-testers (let's say, our friends), one of the feedback was that it's great to use once you filled your tea collection, but this step is super long & fastidious.
And... that was, well, super true. 

So now, we're working on a tea database. Basically, users will just have to search the name of their teas, and add each one with a single tap into their collection.
That way, it's gonna be a time savior, and we avoid the uncool part of the product.
Here are some current screens
What's next?
Database will be first, but we also want to think about some corrections needed, optimisations for userflows, changing the onboarding and make some graphic design improvements.
Some improvements we have to take care of.
Will do, promise!

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